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As a business owner, you want more customers. A good website can help to achieve that. When someone get to your website, you have less than 3 seconds to CONVINCE them to use you, use your product, use your service or at least give you a call!
Story (S)
Every business or service would have a unique story to tell, you are different to your competitor in some ways. The more that a product or service is different to the rest of the market, the better your market position is. Your website must clearly showing your story and the differences. If you have a convincing story online, then you are half way through getting your customer.

Visual (V)
Put anyone at test and ask around – have you ever seen a movie trailer that you don’t feel like seeing the movie itself?? An eye catching design speaks louder than anything – you see before
you read!! Before your story is told you have to be presented impressively to sustain the customer attention. Nothing worse than
a good story with a below average design!
Science (S)
A superior website must be Search Engine friendly so you have a stronghold on Google etc. A superior website must have a RADAR so you know how long someone visited your website, where do they went to and where do they left your website? A superior website must have unlimited pages to support the Story (S) and a superior website must have mobile version so it is friendly to Smart Mobile Phone and Tablets devices.

Missing any of the above, you are no longer able to compete equally online.