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The Internet became popular since 1990s. In fact, the first concept of the internet was introduced during the WWII (World War II). But we are now living in a digital age that seeing tablets devices (iPad or Tabs) are widely available, not to mention we have “Wearable Technologies” now.

Unfortunately it is no longer that anyone can have a website with unlimited resources and lower entry barrier anymore – Unless you are still operating in the early 90s.

The truth is the online and the offline world has merged to form a digital coverage that present a larger scale of economy. Check around how many mobile phone a household would have? Check around who is still on dial-up Internet Connection? Test around how often people is checking on Youtube (on trailer) before seeing the movies?

A simple test to all business owners, can you or your business afford not to participate in this economy?

To have a website it is JUST the start of participating in this economy. You need expert advice on how to unfairly secure your online presence on search? You need proven methodologies so you have a better tool (website) than your competitor.

We, Square18 is now here to create the “BING BANG” – The scale of this digital economy is enormously massive and we want our customer to have the best start on building their IRON CASTLE online.