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Daisy Zhu
Web Architect

Qualifications Bachelor of Science (Physics)
Master of Electronic Commerce
Master of Professional Accounting
Expertise Software Engineering
Application and System Designs
Application and System Development
Concept Proven Workshop

Daisy started her career as a high school physic teacher. She soon decided to switch to be involved in Electronic Business Development (a term widely used before Digital Economies). Since Daisy joined us, she has directly developed more than 450+ various type of web enabled solutions or should I say web applications (CSS Style, CMS, CRM, Online Database, E-Marketing, etc – you just name it, she's done it)

One of the highlights of her portfolio is to design and develop an online student enrolment system that has seen the system grows so much in market and is now a plug-in system available nationwide.

We always joke about how the development team can't function without Daisy. She just has the technical lead ability + personality to make sure things happen in a logical way. Daisy has achieved so much with and she is undoubted the face behind the team!

Interview with Daisy

What is your expectation on Digital Enabled Solutions?
"Computing is a binary system. My physic training ensure we only allowed a robust web-enabled solution... it either work or not... and we make sure it works!"

Tell us your bigeest challenge on developing any digital solution?
"The biggest challenge is to attempt for an elegance and practical solution. That's the ideal X factor. But when you are bound by other business factors then you must put business functionality first... This is field work and not R&D"