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Eddy Eau
Managing Director

Qualifications Bachelor of Commence (Hons) in I.T
Master of I.T
Expertise Digital Business
Software Engineering
Concept Proven Digital Initiatives

Eddy co-found in 2004. He has an I.T management and consulting background in many tier one organisations prior to starting

He started his career as a Software Engineer, progressed to Business Analyst and later was appointed an I.T Operational Manager. He has worked with illustrious companies such as Telstra, ISA Technologies, Alpha West and later Snap Franchising Ltd.

Eddy is the key person managing's daily operations and provides strategic directions on the expansion and growth of the business. He is also the key consultant who meet with prospects (clients), and throughout the hundreds of projects that has developed - Eddy has met and got to know all the clients from the start of the relationship.

He always jokes about his retirement from the front-line but judging from his passion for meeting people, this is a no-no for the time being. Clients often comment on Eddy’s characteristic as a doer and he always thankful for to the training that he had received in his previous jobs.

In 2012, Eddy found the methodology of S.V.S - the ultimate component of Square18 Business Process. The methodology has put as the pioneer in the digital economy, and thus that how the name of "The Digital Economist" is known.

Interview with Eddy

What is S.V.S?
"The first S is Story, V is Visual and the last S is Science. They are the inter-locking elements of all web-enbled markating... with D (delivery) an emerging channel to be fully incorporated in near future"

Why Delivery? Since digital coverage has no physical boundary?
"Web-enabled solutions are driven by human behaviours. D examines the consumer behaviours at the subconscious level. You don't market but simply let your end-user meet your offerings..."